Region group Tervuren (English)

We are an English-speaking group serving primarily the large international community in Belgium, who are often more comfortable talking about problems in English than in one of Belgium’s official languages. We give information on the availability of diagnosis and treatment of ADHD to English speakers. We also organise group meetings for mutual support and sharing of tips and experiences.

All are welcome

Course of the Evening:

20.00u    – Introductions
             –  Theme of the Evening and Discussion
22.00u      Closing 

please email us

€ 2.5 p/p, includes cost of coffee, water, tea, etc.

Contact for information and location of meetings :
Diana Smillie
Tel:     02 731 7703
​GSM:  0495 16 16 55

Upcoming meetings

Upcoming meetings:

​NONE:  currently the region group Tervuren has been suspended until new leadership emerges. Please call Rosette @ 0475 83 81 66 if you’re interested to continue this AD(H)D self-help group.
Aandacht vzw. thanks Diana, Stephanie and John for all their years of commitment.​

Past meetings:
Wednesday January 16, 2019 (This was our final meeting).   
Wednesday October 24 2018:  Routine pro-active adaptations.
Wednesday Sept  19 2018:  The effect of exercise on ADHD.
Wednesday June  27
 2018:  Emotion and anxiety.
Wednesday  May  30
 2018:  Habits and routines.
Wednesday  April  18
 2018:  Does Self-Help help?
Wednesday March 21
 2018:  My biggest ADHD challenge.
Wednesday February 28
 2018:  ADHD and Learned Helplessness.
​Wednesday January 17
 2018: ADHD and relationships.
Wednesday November 22
 2017:  Time perception
Wednesday October 11
 2017: Getting Things Done – the biggest challenge
Wednesday September 20
 2017:  ADHD differences between men and women.
Wednesday June 7 2017: Completing projects
Wednesday May 3 2017: Stress and relaxation with AD(H)D
Wednesday April 5 2017: How writing a diary helps
Wednesday March 1 2017:   Hypersensitivity and AD(H)D
Wednesday January 18 2017: Current Issues
Wednesday December 7 2016: Coping Strategies     
Wednesday November 2016: Routines
Wednesday October 26 2016: Seasonal changes.
Wednesday September 28 2016: ADHD and technology
Wednesday June 1st 2016: Your  best ADHD management tip.
                                                             From apps to to-do lists.
Wednesday April 27th 2016: Internet Distractions
Wednesday March 16th 2016: Handling Criticism and Conflict